BabyDam Bathwater Barrier

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BabyDam turns the family bath at home into your baby's own bath in seconds - saving you time, water, energy and money. BabyDam is easy to fit and using BabyDam means you only need to fill half of your bath. You use LESS WATER and LESS ENERGY. BabyDam also saves you valuable time since it takes half the time to run a bath with BabyDam installed. BabyDam can be fitted in seconds across all standard straight sided baths.

Product Information

  • BabyDam will accompany your Baby while growing from a newborn to a toddler.
  • BabyDam saves you precious water and valuable time as you only need to fill the section of bath required.
  • BabyDam is easy to fit anywhere within the bath to create your Baby’s own space.
  • BabyDam is space-saving, easy to store and can conveniently travel anywhere with you.
  • BabyDam is so practical, making it a must for any busy parent.

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