Bola hands necklace

A mama-to-be knows that her tot is hearing music. Hung on a long cord that reaches the center of the belly, Bola pendants are filled with a chime that babies can hear after their 20th week. The BOLA hangs from the neck on a lightweight, unbreakable cotton cord. The cord is 1.5m (60") long and is adjustable in length, to ensure a correct fit for everyone.

Product Information

  • A beautiful handcrafted pendant for the mom-to-be
  • Worn like a necklace, the pendant rests low on her belly and creates a soft chime when she walks or moves
  • From around 20 weeks, baby will be able to hear and enjoy the soothing sound of the chime
  • It will continue to comfort baby after birth too
  • A timeless keepsake for the new mom to remember those special nine months of her pregnancy

Please note that pricing is subject to change.