Whatever, I’m late anyways – Wall Clock

↔ width: 8.7″ (22cm) ↕ height: 8.7″ (22cm) Made of 3mm thick black acrylic face with high quality printed vinyl on it Clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep and RoHS Approved Non Ticking (Silent) Requires 1 AA battery (not...

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FUUT Foot Hammock

Put your foot up on the hammock under the desk comfortable for Your foot Size: 650 x 170 mm Color: Orange Color: Red Material: cotton, steel, polyethlene, Hinoki cypress Manufacturing country: Made in...

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Ergoguys Arm-stand Computer Armrest

Each of the Arm-Stand can support up to 11kgs(or 24lbs) of weight effectively relieving 90% of the weight undertaken by your wrists. With its unique design, you can now move freely, comfortably and effortlessly to perform your computer tasks. Three pivot points and 2 adjustable hinges can be fine-tuned for ergonomic comfort 18″L at maximum extension Fits desks 3/8″ – 1 7/8″...

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Curve Bluetooth Wireless Handset and Iphone Dock

Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR multipoint technology allows simultaneous Bluetooth connections to two devices such as a mobile-phone and computer Extended life battery allows 6 hours of talk-time and 120 hours of idle-time Ability to pair with Bluetooth Wireless computer for VOIP internet calls such as Skype and Google Talk Expands the talking areas at home/ office by place mobile phone at the location with strongest signal strength while taking the MM03 handset mobile Noise Reduction system ensures crisp and polished...

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LeBron James Color Vinyl Decal

LeBron James Color Design – Dribbling Ball Adhesive Vinyl Material Works best with 13″ but Designed for Macbook Pro/Air & just about any Laptop Vinyl Decal can be removed (not usable after removal) Quality Handmade...

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The Daily Mood Desktop Flipchart

Perfect for work or home Amusing – and useful 47 Mood choices Now no one will have to guess – and get it wrong Includes definitions and...

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Forget Me Notes

200 individual sticky note petals Make great bookmarks Packaged in crispy clear bag Fun and easy to...

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Miniature File Cabinet for Business Cards

This miniature file cabinet provides perfect storage for 800 business cards. Made of sturdy plastic, Color: Metallic Silver Top drawer has a built-in digital clock with date. A-Z card index included. Dimensions: 6.5″ x 4.5″ x...

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Borrow My Pen Set

With the Borrow My Pen? Set of 8 Pens, you’re guaranteed to leave a lasting-albeit embarrassing-impression. You’ll definitely get your pens...

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Hand Pen Holder with Magnetic Back

Keep your workspace free of clutter Magnet holds paper clips & more Ideal paper weight Weight: 2.5 lbs Durable material: Plastic/Cement...

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Hand Cell Phone Holder

Holds all electronic devices including iPods, MP3’s, Electronic Games & more Ideal paper weight Weight: 2.3 lbs Durable material: Plastic/Cement Mix Makes a great office...

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Waterproof Notepad

Best Sellers ! These waterproof notepads help you capture and preserve your ideas before they’re forgotten! They can use AquaNotes® to preserve those great term paper or class project ideas, organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, or to leave messages in the shower for roommates! Or they can draw, sketch, or doodle in the shower! AquaNotes® provides a convenient method for preserving notes, sketches, and records without having to worry about the soggy results that occur when trying to write on traditional paper in wet environments. Let AquaNotesTM meet your need for a paper pad that can take whatever the weatherman dishes out! 40 Pages The shower has long been held as...

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Butt Station

Magnetic butt holds paper clips Tape dispenser with cutter Pen & business card...

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