Coleman 4-in-1 Microburst Mini-Lantern

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Four lights in one! Give one to each family member at the campsite or nighttime event! The four detachable light "pods" can be used separately -- each has its own On/Off switch, runs for up to 12 continuous hours and sheds 10 lumens of light -- or they can be docked into the base station for a single bright mini-lantern. When docked, the lights are powered by four AA batteries, and run up to 25 continuous hours, shedding 40 lumens of light. Each pod sports a pocket clip, elastic rubber loop, and magnet -- so it can be attached to virtually anything! Four colored lenses (red, amber, blue, and green) store in the base and easily clip onto each pod, so you can assign a color to each person carrying one and easily identify them in the dark.

Product Information

  • 4 detachable light ?pods? in a docking base — use them separately or all together as a single lantern
  • Different-colored lenses so you can mark each pod with its own color
  • Each pod features a pocket clip, elastic rubber loop and magnet, to attach to virtually anything
  • Individual pods have their own On/Off switch and 12 hours of runtime at 10 lumens
  • When docked in the lantern, all lights are powered by 4 AA batteries for 25 hours of runtime at 40 lumens


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