FUUT Foot Hammock

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Laying in a hammock while wrangling a simple book is often a challenge, which explains why hammocks replacing desks in offices never caught on. Here's a nice compromise, though: A compact hammock for your feet that hangs under your desk and raises or lowers to put you in a working or slacking mood as needed. This unique hammock design replaces that extra chair you use to prop your feet up. It hooks onto either side of any desk with two metallic clips. You can adjust the length of the the rope from 200 mm to 450 mm. The setup consists of a narrow strip of canvas and a set of clips to mount on either end of your desk that hold small lengths of rope. When it's fully installed you're free to adjust the height between "work" and "rest" mode.

Product Information

  • Put your foot up on the hammock under the desk comfortable for Your foot
  • Size: 650 x 170 mm Color: Orange
  • Color: Red
  • Material: cotton, steel, polyethlene, Hinoki cypress
  • Manufacturing country: Made in Korea

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