Know Your Home Kit

Receive notifications on your smartphone that keep you informed and assured when events occur that are important to you, wherever you are. This Kit contains easy-to-use devices that allow you to receive notifications on your smartphone when events occur that are important to you. Stay up to date by knowing when the kids come home from school or a spouse leaves work, get immediate alerts when unexpected events happen-like when a valuable item moves or there's motion detected outside your home-and much more.

Product Information

  • Know when people, cars, or pets arrive and leave
  • Know when doors, drawers or valuable items have moved
  • Easily find where you left your keys in the house
  • Know when people knock on your door and the mail arrives
  • Know if doors or windows unexpectedly open

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The main component of SmartThings is a Hub that plugs into your Internet router and acts as the building block of your connected home. It can wirelessly communicate with the different sensors included in your Kit and allows you to customize these sensors to notify you when things happen. Because one Hub can connect hundreds of devices, you can enhance your SmartThings experience with additional sensors, light switches, locks, and other products for every room in your home.

Please note that pricing is subject to change.