Magic Book Clip

Hands-free reading! Portable and small enough to fit in your purse. Whether you're trying to follow a difficult recipe from a cookbook or reading your kids their bedtime story, this will let you do it with a free hand. This innovative design keeps books in place, open to a particular page and upright too! When you're done, slide the clip into the closed book sideways to mark your page as a bookmark too!

Product Information

  • Holds books and magazines upright and open to read while you eat, cook, type, study, work, exercise, etc.
  • Only Small, lightweight and Portable design small enough to fit in a purse!
  • Works on paper, hardcover books and magazines. Great for cookbooks while cooking too!
  • Durable long life metal design. Made in USA. Also can be used to as a bookmark when finished reading.
  • Easy to use. Just slide in top of book behind segment of pages being read (inside cover, in front of book spines). Then simply raise and lower to turn and read next page.

Please note that pricing is subject to change.