My Critter Catcher

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My Critter Catcher gives you the power to safely and easily remove spiders, and other insects. Plus, the critter's are unharmed while you bring them back to nature, where they belong. No more spraying harmful chemicals in your home, around your children and pets. No more swatting and cleaning bug spots off the wall. My Critter Catcher is your safe, and environmentally friendly solution.

Product Information

  • Eco-friendly way to catch and release household pests. Don’t squash – catch and release safely
  • My Critter Catcher requires no chemicals or batteries
  • Simply squeeze the handle to open the soft nylon bristles, place over the insect, release to close, then carry the critter outside and release outside
  • Easy to use for children interested in catching insects for educational observation without any harm
  • With it’s long 24″ handle, a great tool for grabbing hold of those items out of arms length, such as behind furniture

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