Porch Potty

The Porch Potty gives you a clean grass area right on your porch, patio, or indoors. No more late night walks down the stairs or elevator to relieve you dog. Includes plush synthetic grass, scented fire hydrant, and outdoor self drainage. The Premium Port Potty offers an automated rinse and drain system that utilizes embedded sprinklers and an optional water timer to assure the cleanest environment possible. Perfect for condos or apartments!

Product Information

  • Stop worrying about getting home quickly to let your dog out.
  • No more pee spots on your floor.
  • Give your dog a convenient place to potty, even if your not home.
  • The Porch Potty is the only automated grass litter box for dogs.
  • Options: Real or Synthetic Grass, Drain Hose or Drain Container, Sprinkler Rinse System or Manually Rinse.

Please note that pricing is subject to change.