Rectangular Simple Lasagna Pan

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It's our brand new Simple Lasagna Pan, and it's a smarter way to bake and serve everyone's favorite Italian dish. In a conventional pan, lasagna can get messy in a hurry. After a few servings are removed, the layers slump and the noodles slide, and what's left in the pan starts to look a lot less appetizing. Our Simple Lasagna Pan solves this problem by keeping the noodles and layers neatly stacked, regardless of how many portions are removed. Each serving of lasagna is held in place by the pan's inner walls, so even the last bite will look (and taste) as good as the first.

Product Information

  • Keeps layers neatly stacked as servings are removed (prevents ‘collapse’)
  • Wider, deeper, and 50% more volume than our Edge Brownie Pan
  • One continuous chamber, so sauces flow easily through the pan
  • Hard anodized cast aluminum with nonstick coating for easy clean-up
  • A perfect fit for standard noodles and heat circulates evenly to every serving

The single baking chamber allows sauces to flow evenly throughout the pan, and the durable nonstick coating releases even the stickiest foods with ease. Lasagna also bakes more consistently in the Simple Lasagna Pan because more heat is distributed to the pan’s middle, where food typically takes longer to bake. The nonstick pan is constructed of hard anodized cast aluminum for superior durability, and it’s 100% made in the USA. Each pan comes complete with a custom nylon spatula and lasagna recipes insert.

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