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The SKLZ Shoot-Around ball return enables solo repetitive shooting training, helping basketball players lock into a solid stroke and develop a rhythm, without the help of a rebounder. You can hit shots from around the court, and have the ball returned right back to you rapidly and consistently with the Shoot-Around's rotating 180-degree ball return, spending more time working on your game, and less time retrieving balls.

Product Information

  • Ball return enables repetitive shooting training, helping basketball players develop a rhythm, without help of a rebounder
  • Easily attaches to any standard rim with four snap-on straps; 180-degree rotation without having to remove from rim
  • Non-distracting monochromatic color keeps you focused on rim; simple angle adjustment lets you rotate without moving or detaching straps
  • Set includes four-piece Shoot-Around ball return chute, attachment nuts and bolts, and rotating insert ring with four rim straps and hooks
  • Includes limited 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

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