Polyester Easy solution to carrying things such as keys, money, credit cards, cosmetics, cell phone, flight documents or any personal items Unlike any other scarf, the Sholdit gives women the ability to feel safe and secure 31″ long; 10-12″ tapered width One Zippered...

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USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket

Whole Size:79*46cm/ 31″*18″ (maybe 1-2cm measuring error) Can be used to cover knee, wrapped waist, draped over the shoulders, seat cushion, heat The heating element size is 12*20cm/4.7*7.8″, it is heated gradually and without electric power storage The USB Heating Blanket is a soft plush velour blanket surrounding a heating pad Only the heating element is heated when charging, the highest temperature will to be about...

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Firstgear Heated Pant Liner

Heated zones cover thigh, knee and upper seat Integrated sock plugs stow in their own zippered pockets when not in use Coaxial plugs engineered by us for the best connection possible Anti-bacterial treatment prevents odors and Moisture Management wicks moisture away from skin Side pull cords for a custom fit Uses approx. 35 watts, 2.7 amps at 12.8 volts Packs into its included zippered...

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Heated Huggie Buddie Robe

Huggie Buddy takes the usual warmth and comfort you love about your blanket at home and kicks it up a notch. It takes coziness to new heights with its virtually undetectable heating elements. Use it as a regular blanket or plug it in for an additional boost of warmth. With Huggie Buddy, the first and only heated blanket, say goodbye to cold days and chilly nights. Choose the ideal heat intensity for you with the 4 Setting temperature Controller that comes with the blanket. With a touch of a button, you may select from low, medium, high and maximum settings. The thin and flexible heating elements of the blanket are strategically located at the...

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Heated Lotion Dispenser

Gently warms your favorite lotion in two minutes Works with any hand or body lotion (not included) Warm lotion penetrates deeply to moisturize and revitalize stressed skin Portable and compact for home or office...

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Portable Tow Truck

Provides emergency traction for your tires when tire chains are not available or cannot be used. Works in mud, snow, ice, and sand. Works on FWD, RWD and 4WD vehicles. No installation required, making it easier and safer to use than tire chains and snow chains. Each set comes with 2 Portable Tow Truck traction aids. Lightweight and easy to store. Made of polypropylene, nearly indestructible and can be used over and over again. As the weather worsens and the snow piles up, driving becomes more and more dangerous. The roads become increasingly slippery due to snow and ice. Drivers need to use proper caution and be prepared for the treacherous conditions. You should...

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Bluetooth Talking & Touch “Hello” Gloves

Fashionable and comfy warm knit gloves let you talk through your hand. You can answer calls and carry out a full conversation while keeping your hands free and warm. Connect your gloves with any cell phone via Bluetooth, and answer the call and talk straight into your fingers ! Both hands have three fingers with conductive materials so you can use the gloves with your touch screen device. The left glove vibrates when a call comes in and you will never miss a call with the phone in your bag. A battery meter is shown on your iPhone to let you know the battery level of the glove. These smart Hello gloves are fashionable,...

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Touch Screen Leather Gloves

Operate touch screens while wearing gloves Precision touch point control, screens respond to all activity while wearing the gloves. Supple Nappa Leather; Warm Long fleece lining. Capacitive touchscreens work by sensing the conductive properties of your skin. Revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the leather of the gloves mimics the conductive properties of the human skin; this makes the gloves touchscreen compatible. The nanotechnology functions independent from the human skin, this enables us to fully insulate the gloves with a layer of soft 100% plush lining. The leather fully retains its characteristics, affording the wearer maximum comfort and dexterity just like any other glove. The gloves are designed from the ground up for the purpose of...

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