USB Cufflinks

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Wearing these 8GB USB Cufflinks allow you to have your presentation/important documents with you at all times, while looking damn good. Not only will impress your co-workers and executives in the room when you pull out your USB flashdrive, but you can laugh at those ill-prepared people who are fumbling through their briefcase to find their boring looking 8GB flashdrive. These high class stainless steel cufflinks double as an innovative, fully functioning USB flash drive, thus ensuring that you carry all of your important information with you wherever you go. Each cufflink has a 4GB storage capacity, for a total of 8GB! A great look, with an awesome feature, for a great price! Each pair of cufflinks comes with a free gift box with the Men's Collections logo.

Product Information

  • Pair Of 4GB USB Flashdrive Cufflinks (8GB total)
  • Look Classy and Always Be Prepared With Your Documents At Hand (Or Cuff)
  • Magnetic lock function to prevent USB from slipping out.
  • High fashion stainless steel cufflinks
  • A working man/woman’s essential
  • Gift box included

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