Waterproof Notepad

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Say goodbye to soggy notepads and forgotten thoughts with Aquanotes-a waterproof and shower-friendly notepad. There are a lot of times when having a notepad in the shower would come in handy. You could multitask by organizing your day, writing to-do or grocery lists, and record your brilliant and creative thoughts that often only appear in the shower. Perfect for busy families, teenagers, or college students, everyone will love the convenience and novelty of Aquanotes.

Product Information

  • Best Sellers ! These waterproof notepads help you capture and preserve your ideas before they’re forgotten!
  • They can use AquaNotes┬« to preserve those great term paper or class project ideas, organize thoughts and tasks for the day ahead, or to leave messages in the shower for roommates! Or they can draw, sketch, or doodle in the shower!
  • AquaNotes┬« provides a convenient method for preserving notes, sketches, and records without having to worry about the soggy results that occur when trying to write on traditional paper in wet environments. Let AquaNotesTM meet your need for a paper pad that can take whatever the weatherman dishes out!
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The shower has long been held as the best place to spark ideas and creative inspiration. But it’s always been a challenge to remember shower ideas, and writing in water is a struggle. That is until now! AquaNotes┬« is a waterproof notepad that allows you to record your great ideas while you’re in the shower. It’s so durable you can even write underwater. They’re recyclable, environmentally friendly, and the notepad is printed with soy-based ink. Order this one-of-a-kind notepad today and never let another great idea go down the drain!

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