Wind ‘N Go Emergency Tool

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This auto emergency tool includes features that may be life saving after a car crash or beneficial if stranded after a vehicle breakdown. With the dynamo charging system, the flashlight, beacon, and cell phone charger will work when you need it. No need for batteries or a recharger, just fold out the handle and start winding.

Product Information

  • Features a dynamo charging system for fail safe operation of the LED flashlight, blinking emergency beacon, and cell phone charger
  • Dynamo charging system operates the flashing, beacon, and cell phone charger. 1 minute of winding = 60 minutes of light and 3 minutes of winding = 3 minutes of talk time.
  • Strong magnets to hold the unit to a steel surface while operating the emergency beacon.
  • Also includes an emergency hammer to break the car window, and seat belt cutter to allow for quick exit in an emergency.
  • Roadside emergencies, such as auto accidents and repairs.

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