XO 7-inch Kids Tablet

The one-of-a-kind XO Tablet brings the computing power of a PC into your child's hands. Designed specifically to help kids learn, explore and spark their imaginations. Equipped with popular kid's tablet features like built-in Wi-Fi, touchscreen, rubberized case, bright colors and a kid-friendly "Dream User" interface, the XO Tablet PC is also a fully functional Android device that can be used by the whole family.

Product Information

  • Personalized “Dream User” interface
  • Full Android-based OS
  • Google certification with Google Play store access
  • Download eBooks, HD video, apps, games, music player and other popular media formats
  • Parental controls
  • English and Spanish language options
  • 100 apps and 100 books preloaded in both languages
  • Parental dashboards track child’s usage and learning style to support intellectual development

Please note that pricing is subject to change.